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About Stryped Golf

Stryped is bringing team golf tournaments to your neighborhood. Sign up with a partner or by yourself, and partake in variously formatted golf tournaments. Choose your preferred competition level and win prizes, build status, and socialize.

Stryped Golf


Flights are divisions or groups within a Stryped Event, organized according to each player’s handicap, which works to level the playing field among participants.

Stryped Golf


Prizes and awards are given to participants based on their participation or performance. Prizes can vary in terms of value, significance, and the number of participants, depending on the event size and sponsorships.

Stryped Golf

Phone App

The Stryped Golf App is the best way to view upcoming events, leaderboards, get the latest news, and check the season long points race. Download the free Stryped Golf

The Stryped Golf iOS and Android

Stryped Golf

USGA Rules

Stryped Golf follows the USGA Rules of Golf. Local rules may apply and are provided at the time of the event. Download the free USGA Rules of Golf app for iOS and Android